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My name is Marvs. I live in Sydney. I'm in my mid-30's and I'm a Chef. I've been in this business since I was eighteen. I work on weekends and public holidays. I'm at work all day. I always have a digital camera with me. I take pictures of everything. And I love to eat!

2nd Oldest FoodBlog in Sydney

EatMarvin.com started in May 2002.From what I know, it is the oldest FoodBlog in Sydney, second only to Chocolatesuze. This is my third attempt at setting up and maintaining a Personal Website, with Absolutemarvin.com and Marvinsville.com commencing in 1999 and 2000 respectively. And of course there's the e-zine ThoseBrownEyes.com. But that's a different story.

Originally, EatMarvin.com was not intended to be a FoodBlog. What motivated me to put together websites in the first place was the desire to spend my spare time on things other than food. I eventually ran out of stuff to talk about and take pictures of. And as I got older I realized that  working with Food is a significant, defining part of who I am, and not just a day job.

Food and Cooking

I love food. Ice Cream, Roast Duck, M&M's, Sushi, Pork Buns, Dumplings, Cakes, Chocolate, Burgers, Kebabs, Fishballs, Fried Chicken, Donuts and Hotdogs are on top of my list. I find it relaxing to sit in front of a Sushi Train. It's almost as if I'm meditating.  While walking into a Fine Dining Restaurant on the other hand makes me uncomfortable.

I made a conscious decision to go into Professional Cooking when I was fifteen. I remember applying to join the Senior High School Culinary Club. And I will never forget how the teacher in charge of the club told me that cooking is only meant for girls. That's why every time I put on my uniform I always have a little evil grin on my face. >:)

A Secret Life

I never had any training as a photographer, as a web designer, nor as a writer. I never used a DSLR in my life. I can't live without Microsoft FrontPage. And I'm sure my English Teacher from High School will find dozens of grammatical and spelling errors on every page. But I am a Chef, and all of us who work in the kitchen live a secret life. And this is my attempt to show what it's like. It's anything but glamorous, but it's a profound feeling to be able to do what not many people are capable of.

Everyone and anyone can cook, write recipes, be a food critic, try their luck on MasterChef, and have a FoodBlog. But very few can survive what we had to go through to earn the right to wear the Chef's jacket and live through the daily ups and downs of working in a real-life commercial kitchen.
EatMarvin.com is a tiny peephole into that secret life.

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...and it's alright if I don't get invited to Corporate sponsored blog events! BOO-HOO!


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